Resources in Opposition to Psychologists Prescribing 

A Discussion About Mental Health Care, Access and Treatment
Psychologists Opposed to Prescription Privileges for Psychologists (POPPP)

POPPP is a national organization of psychologists who have had extensive experience in teaching, training, research, and clinical practice. POPPP members are profoundly committed to advancing the interests of psychology as a behavioral science. They are proud of its achievements in many areas of research and practice.


POPPP members do not believe that psychologists have sufficient training in basic and biological sciences to be able to prescribe medications. Members are committed to promoting maximum safety and competence in the prescription of psychotropic drugs, which they believe can play a significant role in the treatment of many mental disorders.

State and National Organizations 

Increasingly, at both the state and national level, organizations and lawmakers wisely oppose efforts by small groups of psychologists to practice medicine via the legislature:

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